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All the samples and help files will be copied to your hard disk if you download and install the shareware version of RebarWin, so you can view and print them much faster than browsing these pages online.

Bar lists. Please note that you can print the bar list with Drawings (BarList1) and without Drawings (BarList2):

Labels. Label printouts can be setup to any label size, portrait or landscape.

Initial Collection of Models (Bend Types, Standard Shapes).:

Models1, Models2, Models3, Models4, Models5, Models6, Models7, Models8, Models9, Models10, Models11, Models12, Models13, Models14, Models15

These are the models included in the initial collection. The most common bend types are included, so that you can start entering orders right from the beginning, without having to create them.

If  you need a bend type which is not included in this initial collection, please read the help chapters on how to create new models. swiss replica watches

Home Page