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How to Download and Install RebarWin

RebarWin for North America (USA and Canada):

Press here to download REBARWINUSA.ZIP

RebarWin for Other Countries:

Press here to download REBARWIN.ZIP

During the installation process the executable file is copied to: C:\REBARWIN\REBARWIN.EXE and the help files are copied to the subfolder: C:\REBARWIN\HELP\

Note: The help files are not updated to the latest version, so we encourage you to send us your phone number and available hours so we can call you and explain how to use RebarWin. Thanks to remote access software we can explain you how to use this rebar detailing software in the same way as if we were sitting at your side Replica Panerai .

If you have any problem installing or using the program, please Contact us (by e-mail or phone)

Also send an e-mail if you have any comment to make or want further information.

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