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Rebar Software for detailing steel bars: RebarWin

RebarWin is a rebar detailing software application. Rebar = steel concrete reinforcement bar. This software program should be useful to rebar detailers working in construction and civil engineering projects.


This application is shareware: you can download it and enjoy a 60-day free trial period. Then you decide whether to register or not.

We encourage you to send us your phone number and available hours so we can call you and explain how to use RebarWin. Thanks to remote access software we can explain you how to use this rebar detailing software in the same way as if we were sitting at your side.

As you see you run no risk: 1) We explain it to you 2) You try it for 60 days 3) You decide whether to buy it or not

Contact us (by e-mail or phone)



Contact us (by e-mail or phone)


International support:

1) You can choose between different measuring systems (for example US Imperial and Softmetric, European metric). If you do not find a measuring system adequate for your needs or you prefer to choose different measuring units (feet-inches, centimeters, millimeters) or bar sizes, please contact us and we will tailor it to your needs.

2) There is an English and a Spanish version of this software. This is the web page of the English version. The web page of the Spanish version is at Software de Ferralla

3) It is possible to print reports in many different languages. So if your preferred language is not English or Spanish, you can still use one of these 2 versions (English or Spanish) and print the reports in a different language. The language used for printed reports is important since they can be sent to customers and workers, and you can have them in the language of your choice by purchasing one of the additional report language modules.

4) Support by e-mail, fax of phone can be given is these languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

The main features of RebarWin are:


You can go to the online help or the samples page for more information.

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